Social media advocacy and social commerce have grown exponentially in recent years. Savvy businesses have recognised and adopted social media as a part of their core selling and marketing channels. By inviting customers to add their social handles to their profile details, brands can see and recognise when customers like, share and mention their brands in social media to reward desired behaviours, and link social interactions to purchasing. Ie. link and understand the correlation and time between social interactions and time to purchase if a customer for example likes a product image to if and when they purchase it.


Customer Benefits

  • Feel known and valued by the brand

  • Opportunity to be rewarded for positive behaviours such as likes, shares and mentions

  • Motivation to advocate to the brand across social media

  • Feel an increased sense of connection and recognition to the brand on social media


Business Benefits

221185 Woman holding iPad.jpg
  • Opportunity to link and understand the behaviour and timeline between desired social media interactions and purchase

  • Create brand advocates through recognising desired behaviour

  • Correlate social media messaging and imagery that leads to purchase

  • Understand social interactions that lead to intent to purchase that can be acted on to drive higher sales

  • View and recognise social media micro influencers among best customers.