Customers have the ability to store their preferences against their account including communications channels, frequency and messages, products they like, dislike and want to buy, and notifications for when products are running low or back in stock.

It provides the ability to offer an entirely personalised and tailored customer experience to the customer as well as priceless customer data for the business to use to make smart, evidence based decisions and targeted offers.


Customer Benefits

  • Tailored delivery of messages, product recommendations and offers

  • Saved view of website and other content delivery interfaces such as an app

  • Notifications of stock running low or items back in stock for products of interest to informing purchasing decisions

  • Products shown are more closely aligned to preferences

  • Alerts and messages received are limited to those of interest via preferred channels


Business Benefits

  • More cut through as messages are of interest and tailored to the customer’s preferences making them relevant and timely with an increased chance of conversion to purchase

  • Preferences can be used in aggregate to inform customer centric decisions

  • Product and preference based offers can be made to segmented customers for more targeted, efficient and higher converting communications

  • This customer data can be used by the business to make smart, evidence based decisions and targeted offers

  • Enable improved segmentation opportunities for outbound marketing campaigns