Reporting on your customer data is key when setting success metrics and having your business aligned with consistent data. Omneo lets your business not only report on customers individually but also in aggregate with accurate, up to date and consistent customer data that can be used across the entire business.

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Customer Benefits

  • Changes in behaviour are recognised and acted on with tailored offers and messages, making customers feel valued and known by the brand

  • Customer preferences and feedback are taken into account to deliver better experiences

  • Brands deliver customer driven experiences, products and services to best meet their needs and wants.


Business Benefits

  • Reporting is consistent across the entire business and kept up to date

  • Customer data is collated across channels and platforms for a holistic view of customers

  • Customer centric decisions can be made across the entire organisation and each department from reviewing and reporting on the same data

  • Decisions can be evidence based and more targeted

  • CLV can be devised and reviewed, and changes in customer behaviour caught quickly to allow for fast to market initiatives to combat any negative trends

  • Increased revenue and clearer success metrics around ROI